Eden Finance and Development Corp is a start-up company valued at $381 million, with collateral of $7.5 million. Our valuation is primarily driven by our ownership of US Patent #11,403,707 B2, a business method patent approved on August 2, 2022. According to Roos, Pike and Fernstrom (2005) “Intellectual Capital can be defined as all nonmonetary and nonphysical resources that are fully or partly controlled by the organization and that contribute to the organization’s value creation.”


Robert O. Whitfield III, President/CEO

Greetings Friends,

On August 2, 2022, we were granted US Patent #11,403,707 B2, which covers a hybrid mortgage business method that allows only our company to offer mortgage interest rates ranging from 0% up to the Wall Street Prime rate, currently at 8.25%. Our unique loan programs are fixed for 30 years and are applicable for residential, commercial, and land purchases and refinances, irrespective of loan amounts and borrowers' credit scores.

Our patent safeguards against other banks and lenders attaching assets to mortgages or offering interest rates below the Wall Street Prime Rate, with patent infringement penalties amounting to three times the monetary damage incurred.

Compared to the current average A-credit borrower’s interest rate of 7.08%, our 0% interest loan can provide borrowers with a 60% reduction in their monthly mortgage payments, making the average mortgage payment nationwide, approximately $1213 for the average $437,000 home. 

Our patent consists of two key components: The Hybrid Creator Software and the DNA Authentication Printer.

The Hybrid Creator Software ensures a low-risk process, utilizing funds solely for the purchase of mortgages, treasuries, and PMI lender-paid insurance. It combines these assets into a single hybrid asset represented by a single cusip number, which can be sold to investors or kept in our portfolio.

The DNA Authentication Printer creates a unique rubber mold of the authorized signers' fingerprint, which is then used to stamp our corporate bonds with the signers' DNA-infused ink. Because every fingerprint and all human DNA is unique, this authentication method provides the highest level of security and anti-counterfeit measures in the market.

The potential of our patent is substantial, with the ability to dramatically enhance the current US real estate market by an estimated 1350%. This estimation does not account for factors such as new real estate developments, discounted REO purchases and sales, non-performing loan purchases and refinancing, apartment-to-condo conversions, and other profitable ventures.

Apart from the financial benefits, our 0% interest mortgages can contribute significantly to resolving issues such as unaffordable housing, unemployment, hyperinflation, and deflation. By making housing more affordable, we can inject trillions into the US economy and create millions of jobs, benefiting humanitarian and infrastructure projects.

Moreover, our Hybrid Mortgage, known as TIMS (Treasury Insured Mortgage Security), presents a superior alternative to the current US currency, other global currencies, and all Cryptocurrencies, as it is backed by real estate assets at 50%, making it exponentially stronger and more valuable than gold at 3% and oil at 10%.

Finally, we are developing Eden Coin, a Stablecoin cryptocurrency pegged to real estate assets, offering transparency, decentralization, and verifiable intrinsic value. Eden Coin's value will rise or fall based on real estate values nationwide, and eventually worldwide.

In Conclusion, our plan to reset all homeowners to a Zero Percent Mortgage and restore the nation’s economy was prophesied in the Bible book of Nehemiah 5:3-12. It speaks of people mortgaging their homes to buy food during the famine. Nehemiah rebuked the rulers and nobles and told them to stop charging mortgage interest, and they complied. Following scriptural protocol will ensure success. 

On behalf of GOD's plan to restore our nation, we submit ourselves and stand ready to serve! 

Sincerely yours, 

Robert O. Whitfield III

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