Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make money offering 0% interest rate mortgage loans? 

       Eden derives its profit from its patented hybrid mortgage, which combines mortgages, US      Treasury Bonds, and lender-paid PMI insurance. Instead of deriving profit from interest charged to the borrower, Eden earns from the attached assets instead.


How will Banks benefit?

  • Banks can benefit from selling their toxic inventory of mortgage-backed securities, providing much-needed liquidity.
  • We offer higher profit margins compared to the sale of traditional mortgage portfolios, generating increased revenue for banks.
  • Banks receive additional income through loan origination and servicing, as we will pay them more than the industry average.

How will Investment Banks benefit?

  • Investment banks authorized to issue Zero-Coupon Treasury bonds benefit from our purchases of these securities, which provide additional revenue.
  • The increased liquidity in the capital markets enables investment banks to lend money for large commercial ventures.

How will Municipalities benefit?

  • Increased homeownership leads to higher property tax revenue, which can be used to fund essential city needs such as public safety and education.
  • Municipalities can improve the quality of life for their citizens by replenishing their coffers with the increased revenue generated from our mortgage program.

How will the U.S. Treasury benefit?

·         Our substantial acquisitions of US Treasury bonds linked to real estate assets across the nation generate significant income and strengthen the collateral for lending, thereby fostering a more sustainable and secure financial system.

  • The Treasury Department can pay off the national debt, meet the government's financial needs, and invest in infrastructure and other essential projects

How will Credit Line Investors benefit?

  • Credit line investors earn a 15% annual interest rate through our 'restricted use of funds' patented software, which solely purchases mortgages, treasuries, and lender-paid PMI insurance.
  • The credit line funds are at no risk of loss, as they are locked into a “restricted use of funds” cycle. Our Corporate Bond will be authenticated using our Patented fingerprinted, DNA-infused ink printer.

How will the Federal Reserve benefit?

  • Our mortgage program aligns with the Federal Reserve's dual mandate of job creation and price stabilization.
  • Collateralizing the US currency with three appreciating assets enhances the sustainability, security, and profitability of the monetary system.
  • The Federal Reserve can now print based on US Real Estate values, without causing hyperinflation.

How will the Government benefit?

  • Investment reserve spending stimulates the economy and creates jobs leading to a strong economy.
  • The elimination of mortgage interest tax deductions increases government revenue for debt repayment and resource allocation.
  • The restoration of liquidity in the system promotes entrepreneurship, job creation, and infrastructure funding.

How will America's World Reserve Currency Status benefit?

  • Our Treasury Insured Mortgage Security (TIMS) outperforms traditional assets such as gold or oil as a backing for the US currency.
  • TIMS represents a more substantial portion of the US currency, based on land/real estate values, ensuring stability and reliability.

How will Pension Funds benefit?

  • Pension funds can benefit from our high-yielding, low-risk, long-term, AA-rated Hybrid Mortgage-backed security, providing a minimum annual rate of return of 15%.
  • Our investment option offers stability and predictable returns, making it an attractive alternative to the stock market.

How will the US’ Fiat Currency benefit?

       The US currency, though declared legal tender by the US Government, has no intrinsic value and is not backed by any tangible asset(s).  In comparing our Hybrid Mortgage as an asset backing the US Currency, our Hybrid Mortgage far outperforms gold and oil, which has limited the Central Banks' ability to print money. The demand for oil is diminishing and Gold has a limited amount of uses. What’s more valuable? Gold, oil, or the land they both sit in?

In contrast, our Hybrid Mortgage represents a superior alternative, with the land/real estate component comprising 50% of the printed Dollar, Central Bank Digital Currency, or our Eden Stablecoin Cryptocurrency instead of gold at 3% and oil at 10%.

Eden Coin (Stablecoin Cryptocurrency)

Eden's Stablecoin Cryptocurrency, unlike Bitcoin and Stablecoins attached to the US Dollar, will offer both transparency, decentralization, and intrinsic value. It will be pegged to real estate assets nationwide, and eventually worldwide. New Eden Coins will only be added if there are new commercial and residential real estate developments.