Affordable home loans will be made available to millions of Americans purchasing homes, homeowners with mortgages for refinancing, and households renting. It will reinforce collateral-based lending, providing access to credit for low and middle-income families. Approximately 265 million potential mortgage loan transactions will benefit from an interest-free loan.

Home buyers and homeowners will benefit from lower mortgage payments, resulting in increased disposable income of approximately $1800/month. 

The average home value in the US is $436,800 with an average interest rate of 7.08%. A 30-year mortgage at these rates would result in a monthly payment of $2,930, with $617,837 in interest paid and a total cost of $1,054,637.

With Eden's 0% interest rate loan, regardless of credit, the monthly payment would be $1,213 (59% less). There would be no interest paid, and the total cost of the loan would be $436,800

Home buyers and homeowners can further benefit by consolidating all their interest-bearing accounts (Auto and Credit Card loans) through a cash-out refinance at a 0% interest rate. This opportunity allows individuals to streamline their financial accounts and take advantage of a favorable interest-free rate, resulting in increased financial efficiency and savings. Consequently, their car and credit card loans become interest-free.


“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.”  Proverbs 19:17




To address the needs of homeless individuals who are unemployed, our non-profit entity, Restoring Eden Inc., will purchase available commercial buildings or government-owned properties and repurpose them as housing and treatment centers.

Through collaborations with licensed developers and contractors nationwide and eventually, worldwide, we will employ 3D-printed housing construction, which is cost-effective and efficient compared to traditional methods. These homes can be built in days instead of months at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction methods. They are also fireproof and damage-proof, as the walls are made of concrete.

Restoring Eden Inc. will not only provide housing but will also work with other credible and vetted non-profits nationwide to offer job training, counseling, alternative healthcare services, and educational opportunities ranging from GED programs to doctoral degrees. We will initially focus on detoxification services, such as foot detoxing and all-natural, organic supplements used for detoxing. Partnering with practitioners, we will conduct blood tests to identify nutritional deficiencies and address them through organic supplements and non-GMO, organic vegetables. Herbal supplements, holistic healing modalities, counseling, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, and other amenities will be available at each treatment center. These facilities will also feature on-site barbers and beauty salons, nail salons, gym facilities, and non-GMO farms to promote holistic well-being and self-sufficiency.


Currently, there is a significant homelessness crisis in the United States, with approximately 1.5 million individuals lacking stable housing. Among them, around 600,000 are unsheltered, while 900,000 find temporary shelter in cars or by couch surfing. Surprisingly, 59% of recent homeless individuals are neither mentally ill nor unemployable; they simply struggle to afford the high cost of housing.

Interestingly, there are over 12 million vacant homes and 6 million homes for sale across the country. Additionally, the US government possesses roughly 640 million acres of land and approximately 45,000 vacant or underused buildings. The pandemic has further intensified the situation, with 15% of employees now permanently working from home and 50% of previously occupied commercial spaces currently vacant. These empty commercial spaces can be repurposed as residential condos and made available to low-income individuals, presenting ample opportunities to provide affordable housing for America's homeless population.

Our approach involves selling the 6 million available homes and condominiums currently for sale to the 640,000 "working" homeless individuals nationwide with favorable terms such as zero money down, 0% interest, and $0 private mortgage insurance (PMI). If necessary, closing costs can be added to the back of the loan.

Furthermore, if the available homes on the market aren’t enough, we intend to purchase apartment buildings, convert them into condominiums, and sell them to the employed homeless for an average price of $250,000. By doing so, we can significantly reduce their monthly mortgage payments to approximately $700. These favorable terms will be applicable regardless of the individual’s credit history. Additionally, we will acquire government-owned properties, renovate them for residential use, and make them available to low-income individuals. We also aim to assist the 92,634 property owners currently facing foreclosure by refinancing their unaffordable mortgages to a 0% interest rate, thereby reducing their monthly payments by up to 60%. We will also prioritize the 10’s of millions currently facing eviction by selling them homes and condominiums at a 0% interest rate.

Our goal is to eradicate and prevent homelessness at every stage!